Human Blood Types

Karl Landsteiner discovered the ABO human blood types in 1901. Until then, blood had been assumed to be the same for everyone, thus leading to many tragic consequences of blood transfusions. ABO blood groups are determined by the gene I (isoagglutinin). There are three types of alleles of gene I, namely, IA, IB and Io. … Read More

Human Circulatory System

Human circulatory system mainly consists of a heart, a system of blood vessels, and blood. Other specialized organs, like lungs and kidneys play vital roles for the exchange of materials between blood and the external environment. It is also known as cardiovascular system. What makes the heart such an important organ? How is heart connected … Read More

Human Blood

Human blood is a connective tissue composed of a fluid, plasma and blood corpuscles. It is a circulating fluid, which not only provides body organs with nutrients and oxygen, but also removes waste from them. The volume of blood in an adult person of 70 kg weight is approximately 5.5 litres . It is a … Read More