Would you like to know how igneous rock forms from magma? Does memorizing the 118 elements of the periodic table seem daunting? Or perhaps, you might be looking to understand how a device can use centrifugal force to separate substances of different densities.

Whether you are on a journey of self-learning or looking to supplement your school curriculum, we welcome you to Broad Learnings !


Broad Learnings is an online platform providing free STEM courses for students in grades K-12 and early undergraduate levels. Our first priority is empowering you to meet your learning goals.

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That means that we upload courses on the STEM content that YOU are interested in learning. That means that we provide instructional videos and course assessments. That also means that we are always available in the forums to support you.

Our Goals

As our worldview has changed and expanded with the advancement of new technologies, so too have our opportunities for education. However, it is a somber fact that not everyone has ready access to education.

In some areas, this may be a result of a lack of community resources and infrastructure and in others, this may come from high cost of quality educational material.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing students across the globe from participating in their usual school system. We hope to play a role in alleviating some of the additional stress through our services.

Our Approach

We created Broad Learnings to enable students worldwide to reach their academic goals. Broad Learnings helps you learn at your own pace, track your progress, and take no-stress quizzes to feel confident in your new knowledge. We are committed to developing a global community of engaged learners that includes parents and educators.

We are particularly excited about launching this blog as it coincides with another milestone: we have just uploaded our 50th free online course on Broad Learnings! Check out our newest course, Viruses. We hope that you will be a regular visitor of our new and existing learning material.

In this blog, you can look forward to:

  • Sneak peeks at upcoming Broad Learnings courses & features
  • Spotlight sessions on our team members & their views on education and learning
  • Study-Survival: tips & tricks for online learning
  • Snapshots of company news & developments
  • Special promotions and sweepstakes

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting, and contributing. We are excited to have you here.

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