Human Blood

Human blood is a connective tissue composed of a fluid, plasma and blood corpuscles. It is a circulating fluid, which not only provides body organs with nutrients and oxygen, but also removes waste from them. The volume of blood in an adult person of 70 kg weight is approximately 5.5 litres . It is a … Read More

Molecular Tools in Genomics

Molecular biology is the field of biology (Figure 1) that studies the interactions between the various systems of a cell. This interactions include the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and carry out the biological processes essential for the cell functions and maintenance. Restriction enzymes are also called ‘molecular scissors’ as they cleave DNA … Read More

Cloning Vectors

A cloning vector or cloning vehicle is a DNA molecule in which foreign DNA can be inserted or integrated. This molecule is further capable of replicating within host cell to produce multiple clones of recombinant DNA. The cloning vectors commonly in use today are derived from viruses and bacteria. One of the most common of … Read More